Discriminated Against?

Discriminated Against?

Have you ever faced discrimination? If so what happened?

Sometimes things happen in our life and we’re not even sure if it was discrimination. I was a senior in college doing an internship at the Attorney General’s office in Chicago in 1985/86 and the attorney in charge of my department would not give me any work. He told me all I needed to do was “sit at the desk and look pretty”.

I had to keep asking one of the other attorneys to help him with his assignments. The experience in this office was not positive and it made me not want to be an attorney, something I had wanted to be since I was a little girl. My oldest brother Jonathan says it’s because I like to argue and then of course I would get into an argument with him about not liking to argue. So was the attorney discriminating against me because I was a young female? Would he have said the same thing to a man?

I am finishing the book The Notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg). I would highly recommend it. Can you believe that in the 60s or 70s in this country, young black women who got pregnant and weren’t married were forced to be sterilized. Ruth took this to the Supreme Court and won. Why didn’t they teach us this case in law school?

Are people being discriminated against?

What kinds of injustices are going on in our communities? Across the world? I have realized that I need to make better use of my law degree and help more people. I am actively looking for opportunities to be of service. One way, is right in my community.

For those who can’t afford to hire an attorney to help with their divorce, child custody, visitation, support... I am offering a 1 hour consulting service.

Here is what a recent 1 hour client had to say after our 1 hour consultation:

“I feel Ms. Schneider was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with assisting with organizing my divorce documents to file on my own.

This meeting was for 1 hour and she met all my goals and gave me great advice and were able to get through all my documents within that one hour.

I would highly recommend Miss Schneider.”

- Shannon

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Have an excellent week!

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