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Did you know that wearing earbuds in San Diego can be a crime? Ever listen to music with ear buds in while driving? You may want to reconsider. Effective January 1, 2016, a new law states that you can receive a traffic ticket for doing just that.

Specifically the law states the following:

“While operating a motor vehicle or bicycle, drivers and cyclists cannot wear headsets or ear buds that cover, rest on or are inserted in both ears. Emergency responders and wearers of hearing aids are excepted. The law was enacted to ensure that motorists can hear sirens and other safety alerts.”.

So, if you get cited for wearing Earbuds in San Diego while driving, contact DUI attorney Andrea Schneider immediately. Especially if you also got cited for a DUI and the earbuds.

Got arrested for a DUI in San Diego? Now what?

San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer Andrea Schneider will help you.

Many of her DUI clients have come back to her for other cases or for expungements. San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer Andrea Schneider will thoroughly read all reports, talk to you about what you believe happened and handle your case with individual care. She will personally work on your case.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (even prescription medication) is a misdemeanor in California.

Usually, misdemeanors are viewed as less serious crimes and carry lower penalties than a felony. If you are the one arrested for a DUI in San Diego, it will feel pretty serious to you. An individual may face time in jail for a misdemeanor, rather than prison for a felony.

As anyone who has been through the DUI process will tell you, DUI punishments are not fun. A first DUI offense can create severe financial, personal, and professional consequences. Far too often, inexperienced, inattentive attorneys fail to handle their clients cases properly. And remember driving with earbuds can be probable cause for a police officer to pull you over.

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