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Uncontested Divorce

La Mesa Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Reduce Stress, Time & Money in Your Divorce

Going through a divorce isn't easy, which is why I want to alleviate your stress by giving you legal guidance that is tailored to your needs. No divorce case is uncomplicated, and even uncontested divorce cases can come with their share of challenges. As a La Mesa divorce attorney who has been serving local families since 1992, I take great pride in helping good people through difficult times.

Learn more about uncontested divorce and how I can help by calling (619) 304-8499.

Finding Common Ground

During an uncontested divorce, both parties come to an agreement on how to allocate the property and assets. Child custody and visitation rights are agreed upon, and the spouse that was served the divorce papers does not disagree with the requests that were made by the petitioner. Due to the agreeable nature of the divorce, you may not need to have a court hear your case, and instead complete the process by mail or with minimal contact with a judge or clerk.

As a mother of two, I strongly advocate for uncontested divorce and all of the advantages it can have for you and your children. I am here to act as your attorney to protect your rights and interests, while reducing the stress, time, and money that is ultimately associated with your divorce.

As your La Mesa uncontested divorce lawyer, I can help you reach agreements regarding:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Property, asset, and debt division
  • Spousal support

Can I Switch From Contested to Uncontested Divorce?

Absolutely! If you and your spouse come to an agreement through mediation or negotiation, you are able to switch your divorce from contested to uncontested. You may be able to cancel any scheduled court dates once your case gets switched. As a family law attorney, my hope is that both spouses can come to an agreement that benefits the entire family unit.

For honest answers to your questions and compassionate support, call my office at (619) 304-8499. I am here to listen and to advocate for your rights.

Professional Help When You Need It Most

  • I treat my clients like family, not case numbers. My clients get the personal attention that their case deserves.
  • When you call my office, you get me! You will not be handed off. I live and breathe your case and I will be with you every step of the way.
  • As a mother of two, I understand it is important to do what's best for you and your family. You can trust, I will do just that for you.
  • I truly care about my clients and am here to help them with any legal matter they are facing.
  • I have your best interest at heart and in mind. I will patiently listen to what you want, need and value.
  • We will strategize and develop a game plan that will help you achieve your goals all while staying within your budget.

Hear From Others
I Have Helped

  • She met all my goals and gave me great advice and were able to get through all my documents within that one hour.

    “I feel Ms. Schneider was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with assisting with organizing my divorce documents to file on my own. I would highly recommend Miss Schneider.”


  • What a huge relief to know that Andrea had my back and would truly be MY champion.

    “She was very quick to respond to any of my questions and gave me just the right amount of support. She made me feel empowered during this divorce journey and helped me see that I could survive this ordeal with her by my side.”


  • Andrea was a great person to work with, extremely flexible and understanding

    “Andrea was a great person to work with, extremely flexible and understanding. She was always available for me and returned all my calls/messages very quickly. She worked with me on everything and was always willing to help.”


  • She asked the right questions and gave me great advice on a quite complex and complicated question.

    “Andrea called me back in beneath ten minutes. She was very focused on what I told her. She asked the right questions and gave me great advice on a quite complex and complicated question. I can highly recommend her.”


  • You did a fantastic job!

    “I feel like you did a fantastic job!! You were always polite, had a game plan and achieved a favorable outcome. If you're concerned about my expectations, don't be. I am happy with all your work. I know nothing in this system of things called a world comes easy. Mucho Gracias to you and Anastasia!! Don't forget, I have your card and know where to find you! Amen.”