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La Mesa Child Support Attorney

Protecting the Best Interests of Children in San Diego for Over 30 years

As a mother of two, I understand the importance of family, which is why I work tirelessly as a La Mesa child support lawyer to find solutions that is in the best interest of all involved parties, in all family law matters, no matter how complex.

Negotiating can often be difficult, however, with both parents arguing over the amount of money that must be paid in child support. Due to the complicated nature of these cases, it is vital that you have a seasoned attorney by your side through the entire process. I am here to offer the representation you need.

My services as a La Mesa child support attorney include:

  • Preparing and filing various forms that are requested by the courts
  • Helping you understand the court procedures and child support orders
  • Finding financial solutions for you and your family
  • Preparing you for any child support court hearings

Find out exactly how The Law Offices of Andrea Schneider can assist you by calling (619) 304-8499. I look forward to hearing from you.

What is Child Support in California?

In California, child support can be defined as the ongoing payment of money to help contribute for the living and medical expenses of a child or children until they reach adulthood.

Is Child Support Mandatory in California?

Under both federal and state law, each parent has a legal obligation to provide financial aid to their children, which includes providing food, clothing, medical care and educational costs. Neither parent can legally waive child support, since this would be detrimental to the child’s best interests.

What is The Average Child Support Payment in California?

Child support depends on multiple factors. The main ones being, how much money do each of the parents earn, what percent of visitation do they have with the child, and how many children are there.

These factors and some others, including a person’s tax filing status, are plugged into a computer program and the child support numbers are determined. Parents can also agree to go upward or downward from the guidelines.

How to Calculate Child Support in CA

Calculating how much a parent will be required to pay in child support is specific to each situation and varies based on a variety of factors and variables. Typically, the courts recommend that the parents negotiate a set price with the help of a mediator, thus avoiding extended court hearings and additional legal fees. As a La Mesa child support attorney, I believe that this is the best course to take, as it can protect the family dynamics from suffering any additional pain and strain.

When an agreement cannot be reached between parents, a judge will decide the amount that must be paid in child support based on a set calculation.

Child support may be calculated based on such factors as:

  • Each parent's current income
  • Health insurance expenses
  • Retirement contributions
  • The tax filing status of each parent
  • Total amount of children that parents have together
  • The amount of time that the child spends with each parent
  • Whether the parent has other children that he or she is supporting

How Long Do I Have to Pay Child Support in California?

California law states that you must pay child support until the child turns 18 years of age or is 19 and still attending high school. Only under unique circumstances will the court order for an extension of payments.

Can You Modify Child Support in CA?

Yes, you may ask the judge to modify your existing child support order if there has been a "change of circumstances". Here are some reasons you may wish to modify your support agreement:

  • The income of one or both parents has changed
  • One parent has been incarcerated
  • One parent had another child from another relationship
  • If either parent has lost their job
  • State laws which are used to help calculate child support have been altered
  • The needs of the child, such as healthcare or education, have changed

What if One of the Parents Moves Out of State?

A child support order can be enforced or modified anywhere in the United States. There are two laws in place, the Full Faith and Credit for Child Support Orders Act and the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, which help prevent any state from altering or revising an existing support order. Talk with our attorney to learn more about modifications or enforcement in.

Should I Hire An Attorney For Child Support?

You should hire a lawyer to help you establish a child support order. This can be particularly wise when you have child support issues with your ex. It can be essential if you have other problems with your ex that concern your child.

Don't allow yourself to be taken advantage of – call (619) 304-8499. I serve clients across San Diego, El Cajon, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, and the surrounding areas.

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