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Do you have stress? I believe we are all stressed out. Stress is a silent killer. So, it is important to learn ways to consistently manage it and decrease it.

3 stress relievers:

  • Meditate – I like a guided meditation with Deepak Chopra. I try to do it every morning before I get out of bed.
  • Exercise – consistent and not overdoing it. Build it into your schedule.
  • Focus on your breathing.
  • I like the app Breathe2Relax.
  • If you wear a fit bit or other device that measures your heart rate, see how your heart rate will decrease when you slow your breathing.

As I mentioned last week, I used to thrive on stress. Now I do my best to decrease it.

A true crime death penalty case:

Back to another case that caused me stress and some sleepless nights. Bernard Hamilton. Accused and sentenced to death for kidnapping and decapitating a young mother. I was never able to drive from San Diego to Arizona without thinking of her. They found her body and head out that way, in Pine Valley (not the one from All My children). I read an article with a little overview of the Hamilton death penalty case. The author is exactly right, it is a little odd that people tend to die of natural causes rather than get executed in California after so much time, money and resources are used on supposedly enforcing the death penalty.

By the time death row inmate dies either of natural causes or in the odd chance they would get executed in California, an average of 5 to $10 million will be spent on their defense, housing, experts… And keeping them alive if they are sick, only to wait for them to be executed. Last I checked we don’t spend so much on any one of our young children in schools. I truly believe that the law should be changed in California. Do away with the death penalty, give people life without parole and save a lot a of money and stress to the victims families… I worked on this case for a very short time when it got sent back to state court for a retrial and Bernard Hamilton was representing himself. Another attorney got appointed to assist Bernard and that attorney asked me to help since he knew I had death penalty experience.

Next week I will share few more stress pointers, one of my odd family law cases, fighting over custody of their dog and the third death penalty case I worked on.

Have a great week and if you know someone who needs an attorney please have them contact me. I appreciate you and your referrals.

I am looking for two new attorneys in San Diego to mentor. If you know of someone please give them my contact information.

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