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When it comes to divorce, the issue of child custody can be a hotly contested dispute. Not only do clashes over who gets custody of the children result in nasty court battles, but they can also cause lasting damage to the relationships between parents and kids.

Attorney Andrea Schneider uses her skills of negotiation and mediation to help resolve even difficult child custody battles. She has gotten great results with her techniques.

Fortunately, there is another alternative to court litigation, especially if couples want to end their marriage or relationship on amicable and respectful terms. Child custody mediation gives parents an opportunity to cooperate and create their own parenting plan and visitation schedule without having a judge decide for them. Who knows your family best, you or a Judge?

A mediator—a professional, neutral third party—helps parents facilitate communication, address issues, and reach an agreement/parenting plan that works for both parties and their children.

The following are the benefits of mediation for resolving child custody issues:

  • Saves time and money – Paying for their own lawyers by the hour and court fees make child custody disputes through litigation quite expensive, which can make starting a new chapter in your life after a break-up or divorce difficult. Since the courts have a heavy caseload, waiting for the next available court date can take months, which is why sometimes divorce can take years to finalize. By contrast, you only hire a third-party mediator and the mediation process only lasts for a few months or less and is much more cost efficient than going to court.

  • Non-adversarial – The main goal of child custody mediation is to do what is best for the children. As opposed to court litigation, no one loses in mediation. The mediator is neutral, so she can focus on reaching an agreement without being defensive. Additionally, child custody mediation lowers stress and provides couples with the tools to resolve their conflicts and create a parenting plan where everyone wins, especially the kids.

  • Easier on the kids – A highly disputed divorce or child custody battle can have a negative impact on children. When parents can’t control their emotions when they’re around each other, children are caught in the middle and feel pressured to choose sides. Since mediation focuses on what is best for the kids, the kids experience less stress as well.

  • Private – While court proceedings are open to the public and your court documents may be public record, mediation is confidential. Only you, your ex, and the mediator know the issues discussed in each session.

  • Long-term cooperation – Mediation helps couples prepare for the future. Although they will no longer be husband and wife or a couple, they will always be parents and involved in their children’s lives. When parents are able to cooperate during mediation, they leave the process knowing they can effectively co-parent after the break-up or divorce has been finalized.

If you are interested in child custody mediation, our Las Mesa divorce attorney at The Law Offices of Andrea Schneider is willing to help. With more than 26 years of legal experience, she can assess your situation and determine whether or not mediation is the best option.

For more information, contact us and schedule an initial consultation.

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