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How are you doing? Staying busy? I'm mostly staying in, working from home, baking, sewing masks and creating mask kits, having Zoom meetings with friends, and running around my neighborhood while staying more than 15 feet away from anyone not in my household.

Over the past 10 days, I created 561 mask kits and distributed them to people in my community to sew. There is some amazing sewing going on in my community. Over the past 4 weeks, I have sewn and given away 113 masks. About 10 people stop by every day to pick up mask supplies or drop off materials. To remain safe, we wear gloves, masks, and maintain physical distance from one another.

Now, I have a sewing group and, together, we are making masks for Rady's Children's Hospital, the Navy Ship Mercy, and Father Joe's for homeless people.

Below is my mask update, the video I watched, and the pattern I followed along with a short video I made with the steps involved in making the mask. Watch it 2 or 3 times to fully understand the steps. The material, according to this pattern, is 6 x 9”.

  • The video.
  • The PDF document with instructions that accompany the video.
  • A 1-minute video I made showing the steps involved in the mask.

I can give you some pointers as well. The 9-inch portion is the width and goes across the face. You can get 24 6 x 9" pieces out of a pillowcase, which will make 12 masks. You can also get 175 feet of elastic from a king-size bedsheet. You will need 14 inches per mask. This will be a good school lesson for the parents teaching their kids at home right now.

If you know anyone in California who is experiencing problems with their child custody situation, I can help, despite court closures, which are expected to last until at least May 1st. I love working on child custody and visitation cases and can mediate with the parents to come up with a plan and a written, binding agreement that is best for the child.

Reach out to me via phone call or text at 619-518-0476 for a fast response. Wishing you great health. We will all make it through this. Stay safe and at least 6 feet away from others!

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