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Attorney Andrea Schneider can help, even with the courts being closed.

  • She loves working on child custody cases and has had great results for her clients.
  • She is available to mediate with parents to come up with a plan that is best for the child/children, even something just for our current situation. And it can be binding on the parties, even without a Court order.
  • The mediation will be done virtually.
  • What is mediation?

Child custody mediation gives parents an opportunity to cooperate and create a parenting plan and visitation schedule without having a judge decide for them. Right now the San Diego courts are closed so your case can’t be filed and will only be heard if it is a true emergency, so mediation is a great alternative.

Attorney Andrea Schneider uses her skills of negotiation and mediation to help resolve even difficult child custody battles. She has gotten great results with her techniques.

A mediator—a professional, neutral third party—helps parents communicate, address issues, and reach an agreement/parenting plan that works for both parties and their children.

The following are some of the benefits of mediation for resolving child custody/visitation issues:

  • Great in an emergency situation, like the Coronavirus time
  • Saves time and money
  • Non-adversarial
  • Easier on the kids

Some pointers on co-parenting during the Coronavirus: 

     1. Communicate with the other parent

Let the other parent know that you (and all members of the household) are following the guidelines that are being recommended by your area for health and safety.

If you or a child is showing any symptoms, share this information immediately with the other parent. Reach an agreement about what to do about the symptoms, and even better have a plan worked out in advance.

Be a little more forgiving and hopefully you will get the same courtesy.

Now is not the time for petty crap.

       2. Do your best to follow the current Court Orders

If visitation become unclear or can’t be met (i.e. quarantine, travel restrictions or because school is closed) use common sense to find solutions. If you anticipate a change, give the other parent plenty of notice and an explanation so they also have time to adjust. If you need help coming up with a new plan, attorney Andrea Schneider can help you.

For example, if school is closed and exchanges normally take place at school, suggest a neutral and public location – and where social distancing practices can be implemented.

If the scheduled time with the other parent absolutely can’t happen, find other ways to try to have the child communicate with the other parent- Facetime, phone.…

     3. Focus on solutions rather than problems.

It may be necessary for parents to compromise for the benefit of the children. Courts are currently closed and when they re-open, they will be extremely busy and backlogged.

This may be an opportunity to find new ways to solve old problems, and Attorney Andrea Schneider can help you do that through mediation.

If you are interested in child custody mediation, our La Mesa divorce attorney at The Law Offices of Andrea Schneider is willing to help. With more than 30 years of legal experience, she can assess your situation and determine whether or not mediation is the best option.

For more information, contact us and schedule an initial consultation.

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