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Families Make Necessary Adjustments as the Pandemic Worsens

COVID-19 has taken over 2020. Your children may be attending classes partially or fully online. You may be among those working from home, or one of the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs. However, the pandemic has shaped your year, it is safe to assume that these are not the conditions you and your coparent imagined when you created your parenting plan.

California laws typically approve modifications to child custody agreements whenever it is in the best interest of the child. If you or your coparent are working new hours, have a high-risk frontline job, or you or your child have a weak immune system, you should consider adapting your plan to fit your current needs. Even if these larger changes aren’t necessary, the threat of the pandemic requires some consideration into how your households will stay safe and healthy.

Considering a Modification to Your Parenting Agreement?

With coronavirus cases continuing to rise, you and your coparent should adopt any necessary changes to your parenting plan as soon as possible. Consider if you can still afford the child support payments you’re expected to contribute. Think about your current custody or visitation schedule and whether it’s sustainable after all you’ve endured during the pandemic. If you and your coparent are going to alter your plan, reaching an agreement on the matter before going to court to have it approved will significantly speed up the process.

Resources remain available to help coparents finalize and initiate such changes. San Diego courts have adapted to the virus and are available for hearings over Microsoft Teams. While you may be stuck inside, you do not have to feel stuck in a parenting agreement that no longer works for you.

Co-Parenting During COVID-19

Even if you and your coparent are satisfied with your routine remaining unchanged, it’s important for you to take the time to discuss the individual efforts you will take to maintain a healthy home. You should consider:

  • Precautions you’ll commit to taking, such as wearing masks and social distancing
  • What you will do if there is a confirmed case at your job or the child’s school
  • What you will do if someone in either household is experiencing COVID-like symptoms

Coparenting can be difficult, especially in the wake of a global pandemic like COVID-19. However, by working together, you, your children, and your ex can overcome the challenges the coronavirus has presented.

If you want to modify your San Diego child custody agreement to include details around your children’s health and safety or other issues, contact The Law Offices of Andrea Schneider at (619) 304-8499 to set up an initial FREE consultation. Together, we can reevaluate your parenting plan and adjust it to match your family’s changing needs.