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It has been one year since the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to its knees and divorced parents and parents sharing custody of children all over the country are still encountering issues with their visitation schedule as a result of this unprecedented crisis. If you are experiencing such obstacles, you have some legal options that can help you through it.

Navigating Child Custody Obstacles Amidst a Pandemic

California, including many other states across the country, have shelter-in-place orders. However, these rules do not necessarily impact child custody orders, so it is essential that you continue to comply with the order, unless you and your ex agree to another plan or a judge modifies the order. Family courts have made it clear that denial of visitation may result in contempt of court.

Of course, there are some concerns parents may have that could potentially justify a temporary modification to their child custody order:

  • Your co-parent was exposed to an individual with COVID-19
  • Your co-parent is showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Your co-parent has a high-risk occupation and is frequently exposed to COVID-19
  • Your children are considered high-risk for COVID-19

If you have concerns that sending your children to your co-parent’s home may result in potential exposure or a risk to your children’s health, discuss the possibility of a temporary custody modification, such as:

  • Postponing in-person visitation based on your children's doctor’s recommendation and making up for missed visitation at a later date
  • Making the children available for daily phone calls or video chats via Zoom or FaceTime
  • Allowing the children to stay in touch through text messages, letters, and cards

If your co-parent does not agree to modified custody and you cannot seem to achieve a resolution on your own, you should consider reaching out to a family law attorney. An attorney can help you petition the court for a modification to your child custody order. If your children’s health and wellbeing are at risk, your attorney may be able to secure an emergency temporary custody order.

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