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child payments

Raising a child can be an expensive endeavor and, if you are the custodial parent, you will need child support to provide for your child. Generally, most states do not require parents to prove how they spend child support payments since the obligation is typically a reflection of the child’s reasonable needs and the parent’s ability to provide support.

Monitoring Child Support Payments

Some parents may believe that child support payments are being misused. The paying parent may argue that the custodial parent is living off child support and not using the funds to care for the child. Oftentimes, child support payments are cash and can easily be used to purchase any items. Some parents believe they should be able to see how the funds are being used.

That said, most states, including California, do not require custodial parents to show proof regarding how child support payments are being spent. The reason why so many states do not have procedures in place to oversee the use of child support payments is that this could potentially be extremely time-consuming, difficult, and invasive. Ultimately, monitoring child support may cause more problems than it could potentially solve.

In some rare cases, if you believe the needs of your child are not being met, you can petition the court with your concerns, but you will need to have substantial proof of neglect. For example, if your child is not being fed or properly clothed, you will need proof that child support payments are not being spent reasonably.

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