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Finding yourself in the middle of a dispute with your ex-spouse is probably not something you ever thought you’d have to handle, especially if it involves your children. Yet, countless Americans each year deal with a child custody, child support, or visitation case.

To help you get a hold of your child custody case early and before it becomes overwhelming, I, Attorney Andrea Schneider of The Law Offices of Andrea Schneider in La Mesa, am holding a child custody workshop. My child custody workshop will teach you the “nuts and bolts” of a typical legal case focused on your child’s future and well being, so you can enter the courtroom feeling prepared. While this workshop is geared for people who plan on self-representing themselves in their child custody, support, or visitation case, it will contain valuable information for anyone who has or may have a similar dispute to handle one day.

Key information about my workshop:

  • When: Contact Andrea for Upcoming Dates
  • Cost: $900 for a three-week course
  • Location: Mission Valley

The $900 cost to sign up for the workshop is also transferrable to my legal representation if you want me to represent you in a case after the workshop concludes. I will apply the signup cost to my retainer’s fees. You will also be able to call me at (619) 304-8499 for a 15-minute consultation about your case without any addition fees if you have already signed up for my workshop.

What Will the Workshop Cover?

The workshop will help you understand the basics of child custody, support, and visitation cases and how they are handled in California. By the time my workshop is concluded, it is my intention to have all in attendance to feel confident that they can take on their case on their own.

During the first session, I will focus on court filings and related paperwork. Much of any legal system is paperwork. Not knowing what needs to be filed, how, where, or why can derail you. My workshop will leave you feeling like a legal paperwork expert.

During the second session, the focus will be how to prepare for Family Court Services (FCS). An appointment with the FCS requires you to act in a certain way and follow certain rules. I will get you ready to make the most out of your FCS appointment.

During the third session, courtroom preparation will be the key talking point. Everything from how to prepare a legal argument to knowing the judge and opposing party before your case goes to court will be covered.

I Can’t Wait to See You at My Child Custody Workshop!

I am excited to have the chance to help friends throughout my community feel more confident when dealing with a child custody case. My upcoming workshop will be a great opportunity for me to share my insight, knowledge, and experiences I have gained throughout my 25+ years as a child custody attorney in California. Together, we can take the intimidation out of child custody, support, and visitation processes!

You can click here to learn more about my workshop, including how to sign up. I look forward to seeing you there!

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