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Even if you haven’t heard of what a Hijackal is before, you know what they’re like. They’re all about conflict. They dominate the conversation. They use your vulnerability against you. They put their needs before anyone else. They always have to win.

You know how challenging the Hijackal can be, so going to court against them can be frustrating. First, you have to know how to choose an attorney who has successfully negotiated fair agreements or won in court. While even this doesn’t guarantee success in court – because, frankly, nothing can – knowing how to interview an attorney and choose the right one can increase your odds of success.

In a new five-part series, “Custody & Visitation: Negotiating with a High-Conflict Ex,” Andrea Schneider, Esq., and Dr. Rhoberta Shaler go deeply into the topics that you're concerned about when divorcing, renegotiating, modifying, or going ex parté because of a Hijackal or another party's behavior.

This course puts more than five hours of solid, practical information into your back pocket for you to use when working toward optimal agreements and upholding boundaries.

When you're creating and modifying custody agreements with high-conflict exes, it's critical that you know your rights, know what's possible, and know how to ask for what's in your children's best interests.

When you are armed with the insider knowledge in this course, you can change “daunting” to “determined.” The information provided can help you know how to be well prepared before speaking with an attorney, know what to say to express your situation and get your needs met, and increase your confidence in returning to court when things go sideways.

If you would like to learn more about our five-part series, “Custody & Visitation: Negotiating with a High-Conflict Ex,” visit today.