Child Custody, Visitation and Support Workshop

Learn the Nuts & Bolts of Your Child Custody/Visitation/Support Case in Andrea Schneider’s Family Law Workshop

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Starting in August, the Law Office of Andrea Schneider is conducting a CHILD CUSTODY, CHILD VISITATION and CHILD SUPPORT workshop for people who plan on representing themselves in their divorce or child custody case. Many divorce and custody cases throughout the country—including California—proceed with one or more parties appearing in court without a lawyer.

While self-representation is within your rights, you risk hurting your legal interests by failing to follow certain rules and procedures in court. My workshop will give you foundational knowledge about the important rules and requirements when appearing for Family Court Services and before a family law judge.

The workshop fee is $900 for a three-week course divided into three evening session covering a wealth of information. Sessions will be hosted weekly on Wednesday evenings from 6 PM to 8 PM in Mission Valley. Each session will last between one to two hours.

Each week, I will cover a vital aspect related to issues relevant to family law and the associated courtroom proceedings:

  • Session 1: Filings and Paperwork
  • Session 2: Preparing for Family Court Services (FCS)
  • Session 3: Preparing for Court

You will also get a fifteen-minute phone consultation with Attorney Schneider about your case.

Session 1: Filings and Paperwork

During the first week’s session, you will learn about court filings, procedures, and strategies, including detailed discussions and tips on the following issues:

  • Evaluating Court Orders and Motions: Understanding original orders under a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) or after a Request for Order (RFO) as well as final child custody orders—also known as “Montenegro Orders.”
  • Legal and Physical Custody: Learn the difference between legal and physical custody and the implications of each type of custody.
  • Child support: Learn about the factors related to child support determinations.
  • Negotiations: Learn about stipulations and agreements and how to negotiate their terms.
  • Filing Paperwork: Understand the forms and filing requirements for ex parte requests and emergency hearings, including the purpose of such procedures.
  • Local Rules: Learn about rules regarding the time requirements for RFOs and how to respond to RFO declarations.
  • Exhibits: Learn the rules for lodging exhibits and supporting documents for your filings and paperwork with the court.
  • Serving Your Filings: Learn about the service requirements for your filings.

Attendees will receive sample copies of the forms covered during this session.

Session 2: Preparing for Family Court Services

During the second week’s session, attendees will learn how to prepare for your Family Court Services (FCS) appointment including issues such as:

  • The Importance of Preparation: Learn why preparing for meetings and interviews with counseling at FCS regarding child custody.
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Family Court Services: Learn what conduct, strategies, and procedures are acceptable and unacceptable at your FCS appointment.
  • Focusing on a Custody and Visitation Plan for Your Kids: FCS appointments can be an opportunity for you and the other part to focus on a plan the serves the best interests of your child.

Session 3: Preparing for Court

During the third week’s session, we will cover courtroom strategy, rules, and procedures, including tips about:

  • Know the Judge and Opposing Counsel: Attendees will learn the importance of familiarizing yourself with the judge for your case and the attorney representing the opposing party.
  • Preparing arguments: Legal argument is different from casual arguments with friends, or heated debates online. Attendees will learn the proper way to argue and things to avoid in your argument.
  • FCS Recommendations: Learn how to use your FCS recommendation and fine-tuning it.
  • Support DissoMaster: Learn how to read a DissoMaster report for child and spousal support payments, and how to use the DissoMaster program.
  • In-Court Procedures: Attendees will get a rundown of courtroom procedure, including courtroom dress and attire, checking in with the clerks, what to bring as Petitioner or Respondent, when and when not to interrupt the other party, which party argues first.

If you missed one or more of the workshop sessions, don’t worry! My office will conduct the workshop again the following month. I encourage you to attend the next month’s sessions to make up for any missing sessions in the first month. You are also welcome to repeat a session in the following month to strengthen your understanding of the lessons and subjects that we covered.

You are also welcome to repeat a session in the following month to strengthen your understanding of the lessons and subjects that we covered, IF SPACE PERMITS.

If you decide to retain my services for legal representation in your family law case after participating in my workshop and I agree to take your case, I will apply the $900 workshop fee to the cost of hiring me.

This includes a fifteen-minute phone consultation about your case.

Client Testimonials

Read what some of my client’s had to say about the legal services and counsel my office provided them:

I want to thank Andrea for her work on my behalf. She guided me through the whole process she is very professional and easy to communicate with. Her handling of my case in court resulted in the best possible outcome. Her motto of helping good people through bad times is very appropriate.

  • Aaron

I received a summons to appear in 6 days. I needed to meet with her and she saw me within a day of calling her. She actually answered the phone and some of my questions while at Disneyland with her kids. Andrea met with me for an hour and gave me the exact paperwork I needed for mediation. While everyone in the courthouse was frantically filling out three pages of paperwork, I was able to gather my thoughts. She also prepared me for the mediation. Andrea is a very skilled and knowledgeable attorney. The hours consult was priceless. The court sided in my favor and I owe this to Andrea. Thank you.

  • Paulina

"I needed Andrea's expert advice on how to handle my divorce. I felt like she had genuine concern for me and my children at a time where it often felt like nobody else was looking out for us. She understood the dynamics of my case and helped me outline a strategy that fits my exact situation. I left our appointment feeling empowered and capable of negotiating the divorce and child custody process. Andrea was also very flexible with scheduling and offered solutions on how to work with my budget while offering the legal support that I need at critical points of the process."

  • Tori

For more testimonials from my clients, click here.

If you are interested in attending a workshop, call the Law Office of Andrea Schneider at (619) 304-8499 or contact me online for more information.

Professional Help When You Need It Most

  • I treat my clients like family, not case numbers. My clients get the personal attention that their case deserves.
  • When you call my office, you get me! You will not be handed off. I live and breathe your case and I will be with you every step of the way.
  • As a mother of two, I understand it is important to do what's best for you and your family. You can trust, I will do just that for you.
  • I truly care about my clients and am here to help them with any legal matter they are facing.
  • I have your best interest at heart and in mind. I will patiently listen to what you want, need and value.
  • We will strategize and develop a game plan that will help you achieve your goals all while staying within your budget.

Hear From Others
I Have Helped

  • Now thanks to you my daughter and I are living our dreams of being together

    “Can't find enough words to thank you by helping me out with my custody case. When I was giving up you kindly give me advice and asked me to have patience. Now thanks to you my daughter and I are living our dreams of being together.Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


  • The court sided in my favor and I owe this to Andrea.

    “I needed to meet with her and she saw me within a day of calling her. She actually answered the phone and some of my questions while at Disneyland with her kids. She also prepared me for the mediation.”


  • I would give you 10 stars if I could!

    “Thank you Andrea for your amazing advice regarding my child support situation. I would give you 10 stars if I could!”


  • I will be walking into mediation with my son's father feeling as prepared as possible.

    “I hired Andrea to consult me on a child custody case. She talked me through the whole process thoroughly and explained what you expect as well as how I can best present myself. I am grateful for her assistance.”


  • Andrea has worked hard on my case and I am very very grateful for that

    “No one would ever believe how much Andrea has helped me go through this. She has helped me keep my spirits up when I have been at my lowest point in my life. I never thought I’d be getting a divorce from someone I once loved. I would refer her to any of my friends. Andrea has worked hard on my case and I am very very grateful for that. I would probably have given up and just taken what ever I could get. She is a great lawyer.”